For over 30 years I have been painting. I continue to return to my main theme of abstracting the microscopic, sub-atomic and aquatic worlds.

I love creating paintings that mesmerize with colour & energy. Vast fields of colour and light, that reflect the natural miniscule and immense patterns of the universe and a kind of topography of our souls.

My core purpose is to replenish and uplift emotions with my paintings. I wish to recreate for people the kind of meditative experience I get when I am immersed in creating these paintings.



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I am a Melbourne based artist and have been creating art before and since completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Majoring in Painting at the Victorian College of the Arts in 1996. Over the years I have had several successful solo and group exhibitions in commercial galleries and artists run spaces. My paintings can be seen in many media publications and are held in private collections worldwide. Most recently I was invited to be in the Spring 2016 edition of Art Edit Magazine in 'The Ones to Watch' artist feature.

My paintings explore a sublime of the small and celebrate the life forces and colour energies inherent in all things microscopic, sub-atomic and aquatic. Having grown up on the cliffs of Flinders, staring into the eye of Bass Strait, I am also deeply inspired by the life giving waters of the sea. The power of a crashing wave, vast horizon lines, bioluminescent organisms or miniscule single cell algae, these universes inspire and influence the pictorial spaces and forms in my paintings.

Many of the key themes in my work have been informed by my interest in science, nature and the world of medicine especially following my studies in Nursing post high school. And then being affected by a mysterious cellular tumour next to my brain in 1997, the pathological origin of which was never discovered.

The semi-abstract paintings created I create resemble microscopic images of cellular life forms and sub-atomic particles. The miniscule building blocks of every part of existence made big to express pulsating energy fields, colour vibrations and the inherent life forces we can only imagine occur in these unseen worlds. Not only do they resemble these miniscule worlds they are also made by a process that uses the forces of nature and random mathematics in their creation. Likewise my compositions are allowed to grow organically using paint, earth, air, water and fire to create the ovoid and cellular forms seen in the work.

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I am very interested in making paintings with their own life-force, that breathe with an intense uplifting energy for those viewing them. Although the images allude to real things in the natural world, like growing cells and pulsating atoms, these suggestions exist to act more as memory triggers for connections that reference our place in the fragile natural world. Your imagination allows you to see all sorts of amazing things.

And I have two delightful children and a wonderful partner. The other things I love to do are to cook, to eat, especially chocolate. I love coffee and wine and to walk. I am happiest making art or playing with my family by the sea.

My current studio is just off St Kilda Road, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia.

My work can be viewed and purchased online here in the ‘GALLERY’

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In my other life, I also hand paint props for Photographers, Stylists and anyone who needs beautiful backgrounds for their product images.

Clients can either commission me to make unique artworks and backgrounds. Or they can visit my studio and select images from my extensive range of artworks and photo-backgrounds. Each is unique and original. You may even get lucky and catch some art making action.

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I often host special open studio days and you are welcome to visit my studio by appointment.

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